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Since our inception, we have strived to make the exchange of health data as accurate, effective, and cost efficient as possible. In this continued effort, we are happy to introduce our next step in the Data Exchange Revolution, The Healthcare markITplace! The Healthcare markITplace is Healthjump's application store. Every product listed is fully integrated with current Healthjump services, and provides organizations with customized solutions. 

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An Olive Branch in Epic's App Orchard

THE REPUTATION Data in Epic once felt like it was surrounded by the “walls of Jericho”; a siloed fortress waiting for the trumpets of federal...

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Variation - ­The Enemy of Consistent Quality Data Collection

Variation - noun a: the act or process of varying; the state or fact of being varied b: an instance varying c: the extent to which, or the range in...

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Dr. Price, US Sec of HHS, talks with Jonathan Bush and the audience at Athena MDP Conference.

Thomas E. Price MD, US Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) came to talk to us at Athena Health’s MDP conference. It surprised me to see him...

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