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Healthjump Pricing

Our goal is to make access to health data fast and affordable for any size health organization. Healthjump's pricing is aligned with current custom integration pricing with the advantage of an all inclusive price paid over time.  



Per month
Up to 5 databases

For healthcare organizations needing anytime access to data from one or more EHR / PM systems either in an overnight data refresh or in real time.
  • $500 setup fee per database per month
  • Access to data for 30 days
  • Daily incremental data refresh or real-time integration
  • Daily data output files
  • API access
  • Historical data extraction (optional)

Data Warehouse


Per month
Up to 50 providers

For healthcare organizations needing to store and access historical, normalized from one or more EHR / PM systems. 
  • One-time setup fee (call for pricing)
  • Access to historical data on demand
  • Daily data output file
  • API access
  • Direct database access
  • Makes data accessible to authorized third parties 

The pricing listed above illustrates our pricing and could change at any time. Someone on our sales team will be happy to work with you determine the best solution and final pricing.


Easy to install
Minimum database permissions Read only Read / write Read only
Prebuilt 16 data elements All requests are custom
Historical data Optional All data available, anytime Optional
Nightly data refresh Real time data available any time
Custom extraction logic Optional Optional
Custom output file Included N/A Optional
RESTful API's jumpSTART API Custom API's to the PM/EHR System jumpCONNECT API
Output/Payload Flat files JSON (https request / response) Flat files and direct DB access
Data Availability 30 days On demand Unlimited
Database connected & available
Extraction performed successfully
Transformation performed successfully N/A
Data anamoly checks N/A
Partner portal acccess
Realtime developer chat via hjchat.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do you currently integrate with?

You can find a list of systems the Healthjump currently supports by clicking on this link. Please note that this list does not imply any formal relationship with these organizations. New systems typically take 60 days to implement. So, don't worry if you don't see the system you are looking for. 

What method does Healthjump use to translate data?

Healthjump applies late binding technology which simply means that we pull 99% of the data out of the source system in its native format and then translates that data only after it has successfully arrived in the jumpCONNECT data processor.

How much historical data can I receive with Healthjump?

There is no technical limitations to how much data the Healthjump platform can pull. Historical data extraction is an optional service and should be discussed with someone on our sales team.

What is required to install Healthjump on my server?

Healthjump's jumpSTART application needs to be installed somewhere on the network that has access to the database server. The person installing jumpSTART will need to know the system name, database server name and the appropriate database username and password. This information can easily be obtained from the pratice's IT staff or whoever installed the database.

What if the database is hosted by a third party?

If your database server is hosted by a third party company, no problem! Your hosting company will be able to provide you with the required information to install jumpSTART or maybe even take care of the installation for you.

What if the database is hosted by my vendor?

If your servers are hosted by your software vendor, you will need to request the required information needed to install Healthjump.

What if my system is a cloud based system?

Cloud based systems often times offer API access to your data. Healthjump can connect to these API's to complete the required connection.

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