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June 29, 2022

Using Data Reporting to Improve Healthcare

Xand Griffin
Technology, Healthcare, Partners, Leaders in Leveraging Health Data
Using Data Reporting to Improve Healthcare

Articles By: Jim Rowland

A proven COO and health IT sales executive Jim is a technical enthusiast, talented salesman and proven COO, with a variety of expertise that foster his abilities to grow a business and manage a team. Jim’s career in IT started at Innovative Control Systems where he shifted from engineer to management and finally a sales manager. As a sales manager, he was able to triple sales in his assigned territory. By taking this dormant territory and building it up to keep and exceed the pace of the rest of the country, the company reached record annual sales. Jim also assisted the company in the launch, design and testing of an outdoor payment kiosk by helping to align the needs of the clients with the functionality of the software. This product created a brand new business model for industry and is still widely used today. To take advantage of the sudden shift in medical record keeping, Jim moved his talents to Healthcare Technology and co-founded the Health IT service company, DataTrade Solutions. In three short years, he and his Partner grew the boot-strapped company from the ground to a million dollars in revenue. Jim was the COO and championed all sales efforts. Jim tracked and delegated operational tasks and built a talented team of support analysts and project managers to create a new proactive service offering to the industry. Jim also has a talent for effectively communicating customer and product requirements to developers and engineers. By incorporating methods that worked in proven IT support setting into a customizable environment, such as electronic medical record system, he created a win-win service offering for both DataTrade and the clients it serves. Jim has completed Microsoft SQL server training and keeps himself current by attending various industry symposiums, trade shows and user group conferences. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters. Jim is also a Member of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus.