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Shanti Aboitiz

A trained nurse with business operations experience. Shanti has a mix of nurse training and experience combined with business operations know-how. During his studies, he did clinical work in Emergencies, Pediatric Emergencies, Internal Medicine, Oncology and Traumatology. He then worked in the Emergencies and Intensive Care units of the Hospital General de Hospitalet in Barcelona and the Emergencies unit at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. Recently he has been Director of Administration and Finance at Intermedia Comunicaciones SA, an IT consulting firm based in Buenos Aires. Shanti has spent 3 years as an Emergencies and Intensive Care nurse, working in areas such as Internal Medicine, Traumatology, Surgery and Psychiatry. His responsibilities included triage, holistic caretaking of patients while under medical care and management of the relations between patients and doctors. He also worked as an assistant nurse in a Psychogeriatric ward, providing basic living assistance to elders with psychiatric afflictions. Shanti has spent the past 2 years as part of the management team at Intermedia Comunicaciones where he initially took responsibility for the treasury and finance department of the company. Shanti then played a major role in the restructuring of the company and added to his responsibilities the supervision of the human resources department. Due to his efforts, the company has become more streamlined and versatile, and better prepared for the ever-evolving state of the worldwide IT business. Shanti has a nursing degree from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and has completed graduate studies at Universidad de Buenos Aires and Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales. In his spare time, he enjoys ink drawing and oil painting as well as camping and biking, and is particularly passionate about “asado”, the art of Argentine barbeque. Shanti sits on the Board of Baco A. C., a non-profit organization for the development of the arts

Post By Shanti Aboitiz :

 Jun 25, 2015

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