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Connect to your Care Team

By Adam Rantz

To get started, log in to your profile at https://secure.healthjump.com/login. You will always land on your dashboard to start.

1. The biggest section at the top of the dashboard is the Your Doctors tile. The tile will be populated with the healthcare provider/location who invited you, have suggested doctors for you to connect to, or give you the option to search for your doctors.


2. Clicking on the Doctors you may know healthcare provider/location icon will add that profile to your care team. Clicking the spyglass icon will take you to the doctor search page. 

3. On the doctor search page, enter the first and last name of the healthcare provider you want to connect to your profile, and/or enter a town/city for the location. Next, hit enter or click the spyglass icon to execute the search.


4. Once your results display, you will see green, blue, and orange icons. Green will take you to a connection request pop up screen. Blue will prompt you to confirm your medical record request. Orange will trigger a prompt to have you confirm that you would like to request an appointment. The blue and orange icons will be addressed in a future email. For now, click the green icon. 


5. The next screen will be different depending on whether or not the healthcare provider/location uses Healthjump. First, let's cover Healthjump users. The Connect/add doctor screen will require that you add some basic information so the healthcare provider's/location's staff can identify you in their system. If you are a new patient, answer the questions as such. If you believe you have a record at that practice, and you would like a copy of that record, make sure Yes is selected at the top of the screen. When you have answered the three security questions, click Submit to complete the connection request. It will take some time for the healthcare provider's/location's staff to confirm your information and the request. 


6. If the healthcare provider/location you want to connect with does not use Healthjump the connect/add doctor screen will ask what kind of documents you wish to receive, if at all, and ask you to do a digital signature with your mouse (or finger if you are using a touch screen). Submit the request, and the healthcare provider/location will be added to your profile. 

Repeat the process as much as needed until your care team is complete in your profile. You can also add, remove, and review all the doctors in your care team by clicking the Doctors tab on the left navigation bar. 

NOTE: On Medical Record Requests

Healthjump will send a message directly to a healthcare provider/location who uses Healthjump and a fax to those who do not for medical record requests. These requests can take considerable amounts of time and in some cases cost money depending on the practice. Please follow up with Healthjump support if you feel the request has gone unanswered. 

In the next lesson, we will cover sending messages through Healthjump.

by Adam Rantz

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