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Meaningful Use 2 Deja Vu

By Adam Rantz

CMS is changing the Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules... again. According to yet another proposed rule, there will be changes to to our favorite moving target. I refuse to speculate on what will come down in the new final rule, but here is an example of what is on the table for adjustment. Bottom line: for the second year in a row, the rules are changing in the middle of the game. 



For those of us in the trenches trying to make heads or tails of the ever changing rules, the most important thing to take away from this, is the shortening of the reporting period (from a full year to 90 days). Now, it should go without saying that stage 2 compliance still started in January, because if the changes are finalized, then technically an elligible provider may already be ready to attest if the numbers are sound.

My advice to all of my clients, and to you, is that meaningful use objectives should be treated as if they are standard opperating procedure, because even though the incentives end next year, the payment reductions will still be a factor that could take money out of your practice's account (of course this is assuming you have already weighed the options and decided that you can't afford to not achieve meaningful use). Who knows what will happen with this program? So, always be prepared for the worst.



by Adam Rantz

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