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Meaningful Use Stage 2: The Forest from the Trees

By Adam Rantz

Right about now, your practice administrator should be sitting your staff down in a series of meetings to reinforce an already established plan of attack to refine the workflows established for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MUS2). Monthly, if not weekly, report reviews should be broadcast to keep the elligible providers (EP) and supporting clinical staff on point. Also, every patient that walks into any of a practice's waiting rooms should hear about the portal no less than three times before they check out. If all of this is sounding like overkill or fresh news to you, then perhaps meeting MUS2 is not your goal this year. 




The current rules for MUS2 this year require an EP to report a full year's worth of data (yes, I've heard the rumblings that the rules may change, but for now prepare for a year). That means that six week's worth of data is already in the reports. Take the time in the rest of February to right the ship and correct and bad behaviors that may be causing a lack of compliance in the difficult to acheive objectives. Use March as a test month to round out the first quarter. If you really want that MUS2 money, the margin for error shrinks with every passing day.  

With all of the attention necessary to the details to MUS2, it is easy to lose site of the ultimate goals that medical practices are trying to achieve with the implementation of workflows necessary to comply with the EHR incentive program. Remember that the point of all of this is to achieve technological synergy in the medical community that will improve the way patients are treated for conditions, improving outcomes and the overall health of the population. The cummilative efforts of the medical professional community this year will define the success of the Meaningful Use program. It will either be a triumph of hard work and preparation or the death rattle of a program that lost the trust of the industry it was attempting to improve. 


by Adam Rantz

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