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How do you Healthjump?


Healthjump Network

As a member of the healthcare community, you understand how difficult it can be to obtain patient data. Whether you are a medical practice trying to get information from your referring physicians, a vendor trying to obtain data to perform your service, or a developer with the next revolutionary app that is going to change healthcare, the same problem exists, until now. Healthjump can provide you access to patient data, no matter what system a practice may be using.

To provide even more convenience and accessibility, Healthjump now integrates with various apps.

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Healthjump Philosophy

Dealing with system vendors and the high costs associated with interfaces can be the largest hurdle that the Healthcare community has to deal with and can often be a crippling and frustrating experience. Leverage the Healthjump platform and get back to what you do best. At the end of the day, we all want to improve healthcare outcomes, and we do that by working together.


Data Aggregation and Warehousing

Consolidate medical records from multiple systems to centralize integrations, normalize data, and identify trends. A single connection to Healthjump will connect you to any number of systems in your community. Once all of your data is in one place, you will now be able to take appropriate actions to improve business and patient outcomes.


Currently, medical practices are information silos with relatively untapped potential to do tremendous good to the way treatments are administered. It is the problem of the coming years to figure out how to unlock all of that potential for good by allowing easy access to data and making sure that data is able to get where it needs to be when it’s needed most.


Data Access

Software developers are able to access data from Healthjump by working directly with our API. This is our preferred method of data access for developers. If this is not acceptable, we can also deliver data to you in a host of industry standard formats to meet your needs.

Healthjump Features

Our Jumpstart software extracts 17 data elements that cover a solid range of clinical and financial raw data. From demographics and appointments to encounters and changes to allergies and medications to quality measures, Healthjump will aggregate your data and help to make it useful to your practice.

The Jumpstart agent is quick and easy to install. Technical resources will have no issues getting your clients’ implemented with Healthjump’s platform.

We also understand that no practice is identical which prompted us to allow customized queries to meet any special requirements a practice may have.


Curious about APIs?

New programs and technologies are always being created in the healthcare field and it can often be confusing deciding on which ones are right for your practice. Let us inform you on how APIs can improve and help your practice.

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Ways to make technology integration easier for your patients

Personal health records (PHR) and patient portals have huge benefits for patient care. However, some of the most vulnerable groups of patients face barriers to using these technologies.

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The Patient First Approach in Health IT Innovation

Anyone that is unfortunate enough to have to deal with a mental or physical health condition knows that managing symptoms is a daily obligation. Doctor visits will be more frequent with an ongoing condition, and at best, a patient may get 15-20 minutes with their care provider every 3 or 4 months depending on the necessity of follow up care. So the other 99% of the time, patients are left to fend for themselves with a visit summary document or some personal notes to navigate the management of their condition.

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Medical mistakes that could have been prevented with more data

The sad reality is that sometimes, a visit to the hospital or a healthcare provider can make patients more sick. A famous 1998 study, "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System," by the Institute of Medicine unnerved the medical community with its assertion that 98,000 Americans die from medical errors each year.

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