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Data Elements

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What data can Healthjump extract from athenahealth?

The athenahealth interface supports the entire Healthjump standard data model. This includes demographics, appointments, encounters, charges, transactions, medical history, medications, diagnosis, procedures, allergies, immunizations, labs, providers, social history and vitals. Custom workflows and additional data elements can all be supported. In addition to supporting batch data processing, our athenahealth API key also allows us to build custom real-time data integration.


How does Healthjump access data from athenahealth?

athenahealth is a cloud based solution. Healthjump interfaces with athenahealth directly via their RESTful API. Meaning there is nothing to install or configure, simply open a support ticket with athenahealth and let them know to authorize Healthjump API access to your account. Once access is granted, Healthjump will be pulling your data in no time at all! 

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