What data can Healthjump extract from Varian?

The Varian interface does not yet support the Healthjump Data Model, but certainly can with a little more development. Presently we have built a document-only extraction for Varian Aria including chart prints, demographics, lab results, one note summary, and scanned documents.


How does Healthjump access data from Varian?

Most Varian servers are installed on-site or through a third-party hosting company. Healthjump's jumpSTART software can be installed on the practice's network in just a few minutes and is all that is required to access data stored in this application.


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Data Elements

Orange - Available, Blue - Unavailable

Allergies   Appointments   Attribution   Charges   Demographics   Dental  Diagnoses   EHR/PM  Encounters  Immunizations   Integrations   Labs   Med/Surgical History   Medical Devices   Medical History   Medications   Payers   Procedures   Providers   Real-Time Integration Available   Real-Time Integration Supported   Social History   Transactions   Vitals