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Access to Patients, Peers and Performance

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When data is scattered throughout several systems within your enterprise or ACO, it makes access to consolidated patient data very difficult to achieve, until now. Gain unprecedented access into clinical and financial data from multiple systems and patient reported data to provide insight for the whole care team. By making the complete chart available to the entire care continuum and using Healthjump’s analytics tool, identifying at risk patients will become easier for any data analyst. Empower your practice by taking proactive measures for better health outcomes.


Independent & Enterprise Practices

Healthjump recognizes that practices incorporated into a larger health network have a different set of problems and needs when it comes to meeting the challenges of modern healthcare. Whether it is aggregating numerous system’s data onto one platform for consolidated reporting or solving practice communication inefficiencies, Healthjump is a valuable partner for any enterprise.


Ancillary Practices and Facilities

For healthcare groups and professionals such as physical therapists, imaging centers, and urgent cares, just to name a few, Healthjump is a solution that provides a single point of connection to interface and communicate with referring providers and patients.


Allowing Healthjump to aggregate data from one or many systems into our secure data warehouse will allow any business to utilize their own reporting tool, or Healthjump’s Jumplytics platform will provide data analysts the ability to create reports and dashboards that make the most sense to your practice.

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Medical systems will no longer be a barrier to the flow of data with Healthjump’s Jumpstart software. Allowing systems to exchange data within and outside of their network is important to the advancement of medical treatments and patient outcomes. Facilitate the flow of data from one system to another bidirectionally with direct interfacing through the Healthjump API, HL7, CDA or a variety of other programming languages.

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Ways to make technology integration easier for your patients

Personal health records (PHR) and patient portals have huge benefits for patient care. However, some of the most vulnerable groups of patients face barriers to using these technologies.

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The Patient First Approach in Health IT Innovation

Anyone that is unfortunate enough to have to deal with a mental or physical health condition knows that managing symptoms is a daily obligation. Doctor visits will be more frequent with an ongoing condition, and at best, a patient may get 15-20 minutes with their care provider every 3 or 4 months depending on the necessity of follow up care. So the other 99% of the time, patients are left to fend for themselves with a visit summary document or some personal notes to navigate the management of their condition.

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Medical mistakes that could have been prevented with more data

The sad reality is that sometimes, a visit to the hospital or a healthcare provider can make patients more sick. A famous 1998 study, "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System," by the Institute of Medicine unnerved the medical community with its assertion that 98,000 Americans die from medical errors each year.

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