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Fill the Gaps in Your Healthcare Data

Managing population health? Need to report on clinical quality measures? Analyzing financials or administration? Say no more.



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After a quick installation, you'll get access to current and historical health data with minimal IT resources.

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The data is automatically collected, normalized, and scanned for anomalies. Sources of data are monitored.




Leverage developer resources to automate the delivery of data through API, webhooks, flat-file, and HL7.


One breach could have ended our business...

We implemented Healthjump because they maintain security of the data and remain cognizant of all the HIPAA security rules. What used to take us weeks, or even months, is now done in 20 minutes.

Ty Allen - SocialClimb CEO

Why SocialClimb Has Used Healthjump 150+ Times

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SocialClimb was at a breaking point. 

Using traditional data acquisition methods like custom-built FTP tools and expensive VPNs with HL7 delayed timelines and drained resources. Find out what they did to solve that.

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