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Interoperability Platform

Do you have multiple EHRs that you need to collect and standardize health data from?



Simplify your health data connection, collection, and delivery.


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Seamlessly connect to EHR/PM systems. 60+ systems supported with 20+ more in progress.

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Completely collect health data. 300+ standardized data fields with option for unstructured notes.

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Securely aggregate standardized data in the cloud. Only authorized parties will have access to the database.

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Easily manage data and connections. Our user friendly application allows you to monitor data anomalies, connections, and other useful information.

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Finally deliver the data that matters. Delivery options include API, webhooks, flat-file, HL7 and more. Option available to display patient care insights to the provider.

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Healthjump is committed to keeping health data secure, protected, and accessible.

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NCQA Validated Seal

Healthjump is committed to the highest standards of security and data protection.

HITRUST Assessment SealNCQA Validated Seal

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HITRUST Certified


HIPAA Compliant


SOC2 Compliant


What used to take us weeks or months of bureaucratic red tape and IT configuration is now down to less than 20 minutes with Healthjump.

Ty Allen | CEO SocialClimb

SocialClimb has connected to 150+ EHRs with Healthjump.

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Before using Healthjump, SocialClimb was at a breaking point. 

Using traditional data acquisition methods like custom-built FTP tools and expensive VPNs with HL7 delayed timelines and drained resources.

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Need lots of EHR integrations fast?

Connect in minutes to ready to use integrations.

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