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Frustrated with getting data out of EHR systems?

With Healthjump, you can get standardized data from across EHRs in minutes.

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Edwin Miller

Aledade connects to over 90 different ambulatory EHR products. Healthjump solved our data liquidity problem. They did it reliably, quickly and at scale.

Edwin Miller | Former Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Aledade

Nicole Bocksysky

We hook into the EMR through our amazing partner Healthjump. We use that health data to inform our product and without Healthjump, it wouldn't happen.

Nicole Bocskocsky | CEO of Elaborate

Ted Ferrin

We use Healthjump to be EHR agnostic and set things up quickly. Using Healthjump has saved us a lot of engineering money on manually building integrations.

Ted Ferrin | CEO of Rivet

Ty Allen

What used to take us weeks or months of bureaucratic red tape and IT configuration is now down to just a single phone call and maybe a 20-minute installation process and configuration.

Ty Allen | CEO of SocialClimb

How It Works

Healthjump is a cloud-based integration platform that connects to any EHR/PM system.

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We rely on Healthjump to bridge data gaps so that we can focus on what we do best.

Ted Ferrin | CEO of Rivet

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Why Companies Use Healthjump For Hundreds of Connections 

Using traditional data acquisition methods like custom-built FTP tools and expensive VPNs with HL7 delayed timelines and drained resources for SocialClimb. Find out how they used Healthjump to solve their problems.

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What is Healthjump?

Healthjump is a cloud-based integration platform that connects to any EHR/PM system.

How does it work?

For on-premise systems, Healthjump connects direct to an EHR or PM system database, through a lightweight piece of software. For cloud-based systems, we utilize APIs.

Who is Healthjump?

We are a company on a mission to improve healthcare by delivering data that matters.

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