What Data Can Healthjump Extract From eClinicalWorks Cloud?

eClinicalWorks Cloud is a cloud-based EMR system. This interface supports Demographics, Appointments, Allergies, Attribution, Diagnosis, Encounters, Immunizations, Labs, Med/Surg History, Medical History, Medications, Procedures, Providers, Social History, Vitals, Charges, and Transactions.

eClinicalWorks Cloud is classified a Premium Connection - see pricing for details


How Does Healthjump Access Data From eClinicalWorks Cloud?

eClinicalWorks Cloud data is accessed via a client specific URL and web-based login. 


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Data Elements

Orange - Available, Blue - Unavailable

Allergies   Appointments   Attribution   Charges   Demographics   Dental  Diagnoses   EHR/PM  Encounters   Immunizations   Integrations   Labs   Med/Surgical History   Medical Devices   Medical History   Medications   Payers   Procedures   Providers   Real-Time Integration Available   Real-Time Integration Supported   Social History   Transactions   Vitals