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Healthjump for Patients



The Healthjump Personal Health Record enables patient members
to consolidate and maintain their medical records with ease from
the web or mobile application. Personal health records are becoming
a more important tool in the healthcare industry as patients begin to
recognize the benefits of the technology. Security and privacy of
information is always ensured with HIPAA compliance and ONC
certifications to protect your health information.

Become a Medical Champion

By registering with Healthjump, patient members are taking the first step to a better way to manage healthcare tasks for themselves and their loved ones. Family connections on Healthjump allows a member to access and maintain any number of accounts from one login and password. Gain the peace of mind that your children and elderly parents are up-to-date and compliant with doctor’s orders.



Request Your Medical Records

Search for any doctor in the United States and request your complete record or past visit documents using Healthjump's secure process. Know what you are entitled to by researching the topic at getmyhealthdata.org.


How Secure is Healthjump?

Our security standards are the highest available to the general public and are comparable to what is used in financial institutions. For greater details on what Healthjump does with your data, and how it protects the data please visit our security page.


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Connect Your Entire Care Team

The primary difference between your doctor's patient portal and Healthjump's personal health record is that you are at the center of all the action. Patient members can request medical records and appointments from every doctor in their care team.


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Take Your Records With You

Download our Mobile App and enjoy Healthjump features on the go.


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Ways to make technology integration easier for your patients

Personal health records (PHR) and patient portals have huge benefits for patient care. However, some of the most vulnerable groups of patients face barriers to using these technologies. A 2014 study measured the Internet use of 19,000 Americans age 65 or older who did not reside in nursing

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The Patient First Approach in Health IT Innovation

Anyone that is unfortunate enough to have to deal with a mental or physical health condition knows that managing symptoms is a daily obligation. Doctor visits will be more frequent with an ongoing condition, and at best, a patient may get 15-20 minutes with their care provider every 3 or 4 months depending on the necessity of follow up care. So the other 99% of the time, patients are left to fend for themselves with a visit summary document or some personal notes to navigate the management of their condition.

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Medical mistakes that could have been prevented with more data

The sad reality is that sometimes, a visit to the hospital or a healthcare provider can make patients more sick. A famous 1998 study, "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System," by the Institute of Medicine unnerved the medical community with its assertion that 98,000 Americans die from medical errors each year.

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