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Martin Aboitiz

An entrepreneur and venture investor. Martin Aboitiz has had a productive career in entrepreneurship and venture management as an engineer with extensive experience in information technology, sales and marketing and venture finance. He is an active angel investor, having participated in approximately 15 companies to date. Prior to Healthjump he was the Founder and President of Intermedia Comunicaciones SA. Martin transitioned from engineering to venture management at Bun SA, an industrial snack food production and marketing company in Argentina that was acquired by Pepsi Foods International in 1993. As President of Bun he enabled the company to become a prime acquisition target, conducted the sale negotiations and worked under new management during the transition. Later he founded Intermedia Comunicaciones SA where he was President and CEO. Intermedia was one of the first ISPs in Argentina (the ISP group was sold to SkyOnline in 2004) and currently remains an IT services firm with an international presence. Early Healthjump ideas sprung from data integration and SaaS services developed for Intermedia customers. Martin has been an angel investor with varying degrees of participation in successful ventures in and out of the United States. Notable investments include EXOS Inc. acquired by Microsoft to provide the base technology for the MS Flight Simulator force feedback control, Telecom Americas a wireless telco acquired by TelMex, and Netegrity a web security software company; these companies provided returns in the 3x – 10x range. Other less successful venture investments were made over the years that are not as well remembered yet provided valuable venture experience. Martin holds a MS in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University and a BS in Civil Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Martin has served on various Board of Directors and industry trade groups over the years and is a Regional Chair for the MIT Educational Council (honored with the Morgan Award). He is married with four children, a habitual cyclist and light bicycle mechanic.

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