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Why You Should Use a Personal Health Record

By Adam Rantz

We are all busy people. Catching up with an old friend, finishing a book, or taking the time to exercise often get pushed down the list of things that need to be done on a daily basis. If time allows you to continue reading this post, you will be presented with the top 3 reasons on why it is important to carve out some time to get yourself set up on a personal health record (PHR). I promise I'll keep it short and to the point. 

Keep your own record for when lightning strikes.

 1. Emergencies: Accidents happen; there is no escaping the unforeseen incident. If you are far from home and in an emergency room, and if you have prior conditions or allergies that could be life threatening, it is critical to have your health record on hand. Most PHRs will allow you to link to family members so that they can access your record when you are incapacitated. 

2. Control: It's YOUR information about YOUR health. You should be the one in charge of making sure it is all correct. Think about how many medical records a doctor and staff go over each day, it could be close to 100 depending on the practice. You have 1 record to worry about, make sure it's right and share it out with your entire care team.

3. Features: Many PHRs have additional features that make it a great way to communicate with your healthcare providers, as well as, pay your bills and request future appointments. Depending on the PHR you may even be able to record statistics on conditions or work out information. 

If you bite the bullet, and take the time to get all your information consolidated onto a PHR, you will only need to check in as often as needed to the site to keep your information up-to-date. Having a PHR can provide you with peace-of-mind and ease of access to providers that will make you a true medical champion. 


by Adam Rantz

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