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The Healthjump Ecosystem



Aledade offers a new model of primary care that puts physicians back where they should be: quarterbacking their patients’ health care. Aledade currently partners with more than 260 practices with more than 330,000 patients across 18 states to help them deliver seamless, affordable, high-quality care.

AxiaMed provides integrated healthcare payments technology for healthcare IT companies to streamline workflow and simplify collecting patient payments. AxiaMed’s technology simplifies the integration of payment processing into critical billing applications whether your software is client server or cloud based, Mobile or Patient Portal.

Cross Current helps practices see and understand their data. With a focus on productivity, profit and patient experience, Cross Current aggregates and transforms customer data from multiple systems to analyze financial, clinical, operational, billing, coding/compliance, patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Enli Health Intelligence is a market leader in population health management. Enli enables care teams to perform to their full potential by integrating healthcare data with evidence-based guidelines embedded in provider workflows across the population and at the point of care.

Lightbeam’s mission is to provide solutions that help improve quality of care and therefore quality of life. Lightbeam’s technology will provide the guidance needed to deliver the right care at the right time, while reducing costs and delivering outstanding financial results.

Mingle Health is focused on improving the delivery of value-based healthcare to create better patient outcomes by simplifying data collection, quality reporting, and preventive care through a comprehensive, end-to-end quality-improvement platform.

ReportingMD provides high quality medical intelligence products, health information management consulting, patient satisfaction surveys (including CAHPS Surgical Survey and Functional Assessments) and custom solutions for clients.

SocialClimb gives medical practices more than 10 times the amount of patient feedback automatically through online reviews, helping to transform a practice’s reputation.